Local Craft Beer Selections

Updated every time we change a keg!

Lowest price in Post Falls for Growler Fills of local craft beer!

64oz for $20
32oz for $15

Don’t have a Growler? Every beer geek needs one, so come in to Repub and we’ll give you one for just $6 bucks!

Why fill a Growler?

Why not just go to the store and get canned beer? So glad you asked.


Here’s why:

  • TASTE: Kegs preserve beer much better from oxygen, light and warm temperatures.
  • FRESHNESS: Local draft beer was kegged only a few weeks ago, vs months in a can or bottle.
  • ALCOHOL: Draft (keg) beer is typically stronger than normal beer
  • AVAILABILITY: Most small, local breweries don’t bottle or can their beer.
  • FEEL: It also has more CO2, so gives a nice, foamy head.
  • FUN: It’s just fun to pour a beer for your friends out of a big jug!

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